Want To Build Your Dream Home in Auckland? Here’s How

If you’ve bought land in the Auckland region   and find that homes on the local property market don’t quite meet your specific requirements, you might consider learning what’s involved in building your own bespoke home.

Perhaps your family is expanding, and you need a home large enough to comfortably accommodate everyone, or you prioritise energy efficiency in your living space. Whatever criteria your dream home must meet, this guide will help you turn it into a reality.

Make Sure You Have The Money in Place  

Knowing the maximum amount you can spend on the new-build home development would enable you to quickly rule out ideas that turn out not to be financially viable.

Ask your bank how much they would be willing to give you for the project. While you may already own the land, it’s crucial to set aside funds for any necessary consents, such as Resource Consents and Building Consents, in addition to the construction costs.

Consider what existing home values are in the area so that you don’t over-capitalise with your project. And have a contingency fund in place to cover any unforeseen costs which may arise, particularly in the early stages of construction where your provisional costs lay, or for upgrades in the latter stages which you may wish to add.

Find an Architect and Builder

Even if you have already drawn up a rough plan for your home’s design, DW Homes’ internal architectural and construction department can assess and, if necessary, revise it to ensure its feasibility, working with you to get the balance between budget and plan exactly right. Alternatively, we can work with your own external architect to ensure your plans do not exceed your build budget.

It’s possible to source both an architect and a builder from the same company, such as when you opt for our Custom Design & Build service. Leaving both design and build responsibilities to the same company can aid you in streamlining the overall project.

Finalise The Home’s Features and Layout

We provide over 60 ready-made plans for you to choose from, which you may particularly appreciate if you’re looking to complete the build relatively quickly. After all, we are already familiar with the intricacies of these designs and so know how to work in line with them.

However, you may prefer to customise one of these plans or work with our experienced team to create a completely bespoke design if you have specific requirements that the standard plans may not fulfil.

Obtain Official Consent to Build

We can apply for this on your behalf by sending the local Council a formal set of plans. The Council will assess whether the proposed building would comply with the NZ Building Code. Exactly how long it will take for you to be handed Building Consent will depend on a number of factors, including the project’s complexity and whether the Council has to request further information. In many instances, the consent process will last somewhere around 6 weeks

Initiate the Construction Process

The heavy-duty building work is another aspect of the project you don’t need to handle personally. You can trust us with every stage of construction, from preparatory work such as excavating the site and laying foundations to building the walls, installing windows and doors and fitting plumbing and electrics.

To learn more about our custom Design & Build service and how to build a house in NZ, please speak to our experienced Home Consultants by phone on 09 236 5150.

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