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Crafting Your Vision: The Advantages of Design & Build Homes

Crafting your vision from the ground up is an attractive prospect for any homeowner who desires a property that’s truly theirs. There are many advantages of Design and Build homes that go beyond their potential for wholly personalised design features. Find out more about these many advantages with the help of our expert knowledge at DW Homes, listed below. 

  • A streamlined process – One contractor can handle everything related to your project, streamlining the usual design and build processes by eliminating time-consuming and challenging communication gaps between different architects, designers, builders and specialists. 
  • Customisation is guaranteed – Design and Build homes can be wholly customised to you, because you’re able to work closely with a dedicated design team that knows how to meet varied needs, preferences and lifestyles. From the layout and floor plans to finishes and furnishings, homeowners have the final say in their Design and Build property!
  • Save on costs and avoid slow construction – Design and Build homes in NZ generally provide you with long-term cost savings; the builder is involved early in the design process, which means they are able to avoid potential construction issues before they become a costly problem. A streamlined project also tends to be a cheaper project.
  • One secure point-of-contact throughout – Not only is it great for one contractor to oversee the Design and Build process because of how streamlined it becomes, but it’s easier for homeowners too. You’ll have one point of contact throughout, and also one point of accountability; this reduces the likelihood of mistakes and disputes related to your project. Forget about wrestling with multiple contractors and subcontractors! 

What to watch for a Design and Build home…

There are a few disadvantages of Design and Build properties that we must comment on in this blog post. But, it’s worth noting that these disadvantages only tend to arise when professionals who aren’t vetted, qualified or well-versed in this process are consulted. For example:

  • Limited transparency – The reliance on a single contractor can lead to a more limited transparency around the individual costs, subcontractor bids and project timelines of your home. It’s something to watch out for when scouting for a Design and Build property in NZ. 
  • Potential for cost overruns – Design and Build projects are often easier to budget through because they’re highly collaborative, but the risk of cost overruns remains. Unexpected construction challenges or design changes midway through a project can lead to additional expenses that you must prepare for.

For functional and appealing homes in NZ that are built with your personal wants and needs in mind, look no further than DW Homes. Building a new home is better when you know what to expect, and few professionals meet the skill-level of our expert in-house architectural team. We bring your dreams into reality – to kickstart the design and build process of your own home, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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