Are Turnkey Homes Typically Furnished?

When it comes to turnkey homes, the question often on homeowners’ lips is whether turnkey means finished. The answer is, well, no – but that doesn’t mean a turnkey home is totally empty or unhabitable! 

Let us at DW Homes, as New Zealand’s home building experts, explain.

What is a turnkey home?

A ‘turnkey’ home simply means a home that has been fully renovated up to a liveable and quality standard, where people can move in right away! There is no need for any structural updates, refurbishments or repairs, which is why these properties are such a good addition to any landlord’s portfolio. Nevertheless, anyone can own a turnkey home.

How does a turnkey home differ to a furnished property?

Unlike turnkey homes, furnished properties are equipped with essential furniture and appliances for maximum convenience. These include couches, beds, a fridge, dining table and even a toaster or microwave. All are items which homeowners pay an impressive sum for, depending on the area they live.

Unfortunately, you would have to bring these necessities with you if purchasing or renting a turnkey home. In this way, furnished properties save you money, time and inconvenience. But, that doesn’t mean potential buyers should discount a turnkey home outright. After all, there are many advantages to such a purchase!

How do I know which option is right for me?

Choosing between a furnished property and a turnkey home depends entirely on your preferences, ambitions and means as a property buyer or investor. If you don’t have time for costly renovations, handling communications with a number of builders and sub-contractors, or would prefer a low-maintenance investment for your existing portfolio, turnkey homes are absolutely a wise investment. Even homeowners not looking to acquire tenants may enjoy the seamless, renovated and highly customisable environment of a turnkey home! 

Furnished properties are much more suitable for attracting short-term renters, families, or individuals unable to provide their own innumerable furnishings. For homeowners, they’re also remarkably convenient. If you’re moving across New Zealand, it’s great not having to transport your fridge in a moving van! 

Regardless, turnkey and furnished homes will always differ in their property condition and target audience across New Zealand. They meet different needs, and suit different tastes! It’s merely advisable to understand the distinction between the two so you don’t make a hefty investment in something you’ll regret.

For New Zealanders looking to own their own custom-built home, or even to purchase a pre-existing property that suits their needs, look no further than DW Homes. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, we will happily provide all the information you need about hassle-free living in a space that you love. 

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