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Why DW Homes?


All building companies pay a similar price for materials. The differences in sale price come from overhead costs. While an up-front saving might initially seem to be an attraction, in the long run this may result in major additional costs to the client. With that in mind, consider the following:

a Disaster looms for companies that haven’t controlled their costs properly. Too often, smaller companies lose money and liquidate, losing the client tens of thousands of dollars.

b DW Homes offer a realistic lead time of as little as 16 weeks from slab down, compared to other builders who may offer less, but end up taking a lot longer. This results in substantial additional costs for the client, who is now locked in to the contract and is having to pay rental accommodation and interest charges on section and draw down payments.

c Our in-house architectural team ensure your home is ready to pass consents quickly and at the right price. Most builders without this internal resource face issues all along the process - delayed consents or plans requiring adjustment at a later stage - all of which creates huge additional costs for the client. These are unexpected costs to the client as they are classed as outside of works in the fine print of their contract.

d DW Homes have highly trained Site Supervisors, each with a support person in the office to ensure that all customer calls are answered in a timely manner and the customer’s experience is the best it can be.


When you sign a contract with DW Homes Limited, it includes a 10 year personal guarantee by the Company Directors. This may not follow with other building companies who often direct clients to sign with the local builder under their brand, meaning if things go south, they are not liable to continue the work.


Our clients pay a small deposit up-front, then progress payments as and when the value for each stage is on site and built, not just delivered. This means customer risk is always at a minimum, and if valuations are required for funding you will be well ahead of your bank requirements.

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Our Plans

CHOOSING A DW HOMES HOUSE PLAN So, you’re building a new home. For most people, this is a major event in their lives. 

It’s an exciting time — so many of our aspirations are woven into our home. But the process of choosing a house plan can seem overwhelming sometimes — there are so many options available. 

Ultimately your home must fit your lifes...
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Ready Built Homes NZ

At DW Homes we offer an extensive range of NZ based ready built homes allowing you to move into your dream home in no time. These homes are pre-designed providing a solution for everyone. Our team of professionals have a unique set of skills and knowledge in the design and construction industry making them qualified to turn your vision into a reali...

Show Home

OUR SHOW HOMEOur latest showhome in Pokeno, at 72 Hitchen Road is NOW OPEN, and we are excited to welcome you through the door. 

Open Saturday & Sunday from 12pm-3pm or through the week by appointment.

If you're not able to visit us in person, we will be doing a virtual guided tour video with our Sales Manager Nicole walkign you through this stun...

Why Choose DW Homes

WHY CHOOSE DW HOMES FROM OTHER BUILDING COMPANIES?  There is no shortage of building companies in Auckland. So, why choose DW Homes? Here are just a few compelling reasons why: 

Over 60 innovative designs — choose from our range of house designs, inspired by local products and trends, to suit your budget and lifestyle. We have over 60 house design...